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What is it good for?

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Warhammer Figures 
Use the Flash Master for trimming the flash and sculpting details on Warhammer figures.

Soft Plastic Figures
It won’t make the job easy, but it will make it EASIER – and the results will be so much better.

Flash Master Blades for Model Cars

Model Car Kits

The flexible blade makes trimming the flash on headliners easy! Works great for slim, delicate parts and hard to reach spots on engines. 

Plastic War Gaming Figures
Remove flash without switching blades as frequently.

Armour & Vehicles
Make seam lines disappear on hard to reach areas like engine details. 

Seam lines on aircraft wings can be removed in a single pass. 

3D Printed Figures
Remove artifacts and bumps!

Resin Figure Remove Flash

Resin Figures
Prepping your resin figures has never been more enjoyable. Gain a higher level of control.

How have YOU used the Flash Master blades? Please tell us, and we will add it to our list!

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